My dialogue ,,At the food market,,

At the food market
Me, my mother and my brother go to the shop .We will buy apples, oranges for juice, meat for steak , strawberry for ice-cream and sweets .And my mother will speak whit shop-assistant .
-Hello !
-Hi !
-Can you help me ?
-Of course . What do you want ?
-Could I have apples  and some orange for juice,please?
-Yes ,please come with me .
-Give me one kilogram  of apples and oranges, please.
– Here you are, Anything else ?
-Yes, give me some meat for steak,some strawberries and sweets,please .
– We have meat and sweets, but we haven’t got strawberries.
-Oh, what a pity!
 – To buy strawberries you can go to the right and straight, you will see the shop. 
– Not at all! You are welcome.