-Hello Ann.

-Hello Mia .

-Mia can you tell me about your house ?

-Yes , I can.

-We have small hall ,in it we put our shoes and clothes . Living-room  is the biggest room in our house ,there we have a big table , twelve chairs , three windows , one TV and very big sofa. I have bedroom and it’s not big .We have bathroom and kitchen too .

-Do you have closet in your house ?

-Yes ,we have. But I can’t to  see the closet , because it’s locked  and only  my  mom has the keys .

-Let’s go to café , by car –say Mia .

-But we can’t , we don’t  have a car .

-My father has a car .

-I’ m so happy, that   I want to shout.

-Let’s go to my dad .

-Ok .