Ani:-Hello, Ann.
Ann:-Hello, Ani.
Ani:-How are you?
Ann:-I’m thine thank you.
Ann:-Ani can you describe your house ?
Ani:-Of course !
Ani:-I have my own room. There  is  one big bed ,a beautiful wardrobe ,big desk ,a white clock ,a computer ,two windows and photos with my friends. Next to my room there is a bathroom. There is a   sink, a toilet, a washing machine and Jacuzzi. In the kitchen we have a blue cooker, a sink , a white fridge, many racks and an oven. In the living-room we have a big sofa, a TV. The living-room is opposite the dining room. In it we have a big table and ten chairs . In the sitting-room  we have a fireplace, a bookcase, armchairs and TV .
Ann:-Oh ,your house is very big !!!
Ani:-It’s not all, we have а garden too .There are roses , а playground, vegetables and fruits .
Ann:-Oh, lets go and play in your house !!!
Ani:-Let’s go !

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