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Exercise 1

Hi Daniel !

Thanks for telling about your family .Now ,let me tell you about my family.My dad is a doctor .His name is Paul .My mum is secretary her name is Mary . I  have got a brother .His name is Brown and he is ten years old. I’ve also got two sister ,Ann and Jill. They are twins .They are thirteen years old.Ann is very smart .She reads book all the  time .Jill is athletic and she loves playing basketball .Well ,that’s about my big wonderful family .Write soon and tell me  about your hobbies.

Your new friend ,




Exercise 9

John and Mary have got a house in a country.Their house is big.It has got five rooms .Their garden is beautiful.Paul and Liz  are John and Mary’s neighbors .Their  its friends too .They have got a pet .It’s a beautiful white cat .Its favorite food is fish.


Exercise 10

Look at this beautiful dress.

Hey ,John who’s that girl over there ?

Oh,this is Jane .She is my sister.

Look at that dogs Mum! Can we buy one ?

Are that CDs yours ?


Exercise 11

Can you guesses who my favorite actor is ?Well he’s  really famous people love watching his films  .That’s right   ! He’s Johnny Deep .I know so much about him .He’s American .His birthday is on June 9th .That makes him a Gemini .His eyes are brown and he’s got brown hair too.My favorite Johnny Deep film is Pirates of Caribbean. I think it’s one of his  beast roles .Who’s your favorite actor ?

Write back soon!