Exercise 9

John and Mary have got a house in a country.Their house is big.It has got five rooms .Their garden is beautiful.Paul and Liz  are John and Mary’s neighbors .Their  its friends too .They have got a pet .It’s a beautiful white cat .Its favorite food is fish.


Exercise 10

Look at this beautiful dress.

Hey ,John who’s that girl over there ?

Oh,this is Jane .She is my sister.

Look at that dogs Mum! Can we buy one ?

Are that CDs yours ?


Exercise 11

Can you guesses who my favorite actor is ?Well he’s  really famous people love watching his films  .That’s right   ! He’s Johnny Deep .I know so much about him .He’s American .His birthday is on June 9th .That makes him a Gemini .His eyes are brown and he’s got brown hair too.My favorite Johnny Deep film is Pirates of Caribbean. I think it’s one of his  beast roles .Who’s your favorite actor ?

Write back soon!


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