Exercise 3
Some tea                Some ice cream    A sandwich       Some bread
A lemon                A burger                Some butter      Some grape
An omelette         An egg                    An onion          Some juice
Exercise 4
Look at – Layla                                            
Where is the hotel
The weather is nice today                           
Dad is in kitchen .
The Smiths are on holiday.                        
We are from – Italy
Is this – Tom’s cat.                                    
  The blue bag is yours .
Ben is in – New York.                                
There is some cheese in the fridge .
Exercise 5
Have you got an onion ?                                        
I haven’t got an umbrella .I need to buy one.
Where is the supermarket.                                   
The apple in my bug is fresh.
Is this a lobster ?                                                    
Ben has got a new digital camera .
Are the Pyramids in Egypt ?                                
The black dog is ours .
My mum is an artist.                                              
Ann’s brother is a doctor .
The children are in the garden .     

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