​Text 26 questions 

What did the lady see at the beginning of the story ?

She see a mouse .
Where did she see it ?

She see it in her kitchen floor .
Why did she run out of her house ?

Because she very afraid.
Where did she go ?

 She go out of her house ,she go to the bus .
What did she do when she got there ?

She bought mouse-trap.
Who spoke to here there ?

With she spoke shopkeeper .
What did he say to her ?

 He say that she must put some cheese in mouse-trap ,and then mouse will enter her trap.
What did the lady do often ?

She come home .
Where did she look ?

She look in cupboard .
What was she looking for ?

She was looking for cheese .
 Did she find it ?

Why didn’t she go to the shops ?

Because was late .
What did she do then ?

Then she cut picture of cheese .
What happened next morning ?

Next morning she saw mouse picture in the mouse-trap .

Text 27 questions 

What happened when Nasredin’s first wife died ?

He married again .
What was his second wife like ?

She was very young than Nasredin and she was very strong..
What did he and his new wife often do ?

They often quarrelled .
What did Nasredin do one night ?

He come late .
What did his wife say ?

She say :I cooked this dinner 2 hours ago .It is  quite spoiled now .


How did she feel ?

She was angry.
What did she do ?

She gave him (Nasredin ) push and he fell down stairs .

What happened then ?

Then Nasredin’s neighbour listen that  noise .
Why was she able to push him over ?

Because he come late and dinner is spoiled .
Who was listening ?

Nasredin’s neighbour listen .
Why was she listening ?

Because she was always eager to know what happened  in every body house .
 What did she do ?

She come to his front door and knocked.
 When did she do this ?

What did she say ?

She say :-What happened ?
What did Nasredin answer ?

He answer :-My coat fell down the stairs .
 What did the woman say then ?

Woman say :-How can coat made big noise ?
What was Nasredin answer ?

He answer :-Of course it would ,if I was inside of it.

They are reading-They’re reading .

It is flying-It’s flying 

We are not cleaning the floor-We aren’t cleaning the floor

I am not crying  -I’m not crying



Are they cooking? No , they aren’t .They’re reading .

Are they skiing ? No ,they aren’t .They’re swimming .

 Are they dancing ?Yes ,it is .They’re dancing .

Is it flying ?Yes ,it is .It’s flying .