Text’s questions 26-32

Text 26 questions 

What did the lady see at the beginning of the story ?

She see a mouse .
Where did she see it ?

She see it in her kitchen floor .
Why did she run out of her house ?

Because she very afraid.
Where did she go ?

 She go out of her house ,she go to the bus .
What did she do when she got there ?

She bought mouse-trap.
Who spoke to here there ?

With she spoke shopkeeper .
What did he say to her ?

 He say that she must put some cheese in mouse-trap ,and then mouse will enter her trap.
What did the lady do often ?

She come home .
Where did she look ?

She look in cupboard .
What was she looking for ?

She was looking for cheese .
 Did she find it ?

Why didn’t she go to the shops ?

Because was late .
What did she do then ?

Then she cut picture of cheese .
What happened next morning ?

Next morning she saw mouse picture in the mouse-trap .

Text 27 questions 

What happened when Nasredin’s first wife died ?

He married again .
What was his second wife like ?

She was very young than Nasredin and she was very strong..
What did he and his new wife often do ?

They often quarrelled .
What did Nasredin do one night ?

He come late .
What did his wife say ?

She say :I cooked this dinner 2 hours ago .It is  quite spoiled now .


How did she feel ?

She was angry.
What did she do ?

She gave him (Nasredin ) push and he fell down stairs .

What happened then ?

Then Nasredin’s neighbour listen that  noise .
Why was she able to push him over ?

Because he come late and dinner is spoiled .
Who was listening ?

Nasredin’s neighbour listen .
Why was she listening ?

Because she was always eager to know what happened  in every body house .
 What did she do ?

She come to his front door and knocked.
 When did she do this ?

What did she say ?

She say :-What happened ?
What did Nasredin answer ?

He answer :-My coat fell down the stairs .
 What did the woman say then ?

Woman say :-How can coat made big noise ?
What was Nasredin answer ?

He answer :-Of course it would ,if I was inside of it.
Text 28 questions

What happend one evening ?

Nassredin’s neighbour gave party .
What did the man forget to do ?

He forget to invaited Nassredin .
What did Nassredin do at first ?

He took paper and make latter .
What did he do then ?

Then hi went to his neighbour house and give that letter to servant .
What did he say ?

He say :I have a very important letter for the host .
Whom did he say this to ?

He say that to servant .
What did the servants do ?

He took Nasredin to big room .
What was everybodey doing ?

Everybody was eating .
What did Nasresin do ?

He give that letter to his reach neighbour . 
What did Nassredin do then ?

He fell his month with food . 
What did the host do ?

Host looked at the  envelope .
What was there on the envelope ?

There was nothing .
What did the host say Nassredin ?

He say :Are you sure that this letter is from me ,because here is not address .
  What did Nassredin answer ?

He answer :Yes , there was nothing on it ,because that letter was making in a hurry .
Text 29 questions
What happened one evening in this story .

In this story was a big dance party .
Where was it ?

It was in the hotel .
How old was man in the story ?

He like 40 years .
What did he  think ?

He think that if one lady see him ,she will fell down with love to him .
Whom did he see ?

He see one pretty young lady.
When did he see her ?

He see her at the beginning of dances .
Where was she when he see her ?

She standing at the edge of the dance-floor .
Who was with her ?

With her was one older lady .
What did the man do ?

He invite her to dance.
What did the girl do ?

She accepted .
Why did she do this ?

Because she like to dance .
What sort of a dancer was the man .

He was good dancer .
How did the girl know this ?

She see how that man dance .
What did the man do near of the end of this story ?

He led her into the garden .
When he do this ?

When they have serval dances together .
What did he say to the girl ?

He say :Do you tell to your mother all that you do ?
What answer girl ?

No ,I will not to retell  that all to my mother ,but my husband always want to know .

Text 30 questions

He asked to seller t did John like ?

He like wear his hair very long.
What did some of his  friends think .

He think that he like girl in that hair .
Why did never makes jokes about it ?

Because John was very strong human .
How often did John go to the barber’s ?

Twice a month .
Why did he go there?

Because his barber must cut and wash his hair .
What did the barber say to him one day ?

He say that  why  you won’t that I cut all your hair, nobody will not recognize that.
Did John answer at once ?

What did he say ?

He say that maybe is barber is right ,but I know that nobody will not recognize  that what you will to do with my hairs .
Text 31 questions 

What happens on Saturday mornings in this story ?

In our cinema show films for children .
What happened one  Saturday morning ?

One man took his grandchild’s to the cinema.
What was there at the door ?

There was a list of tickets and prices .
What could the old man not see .

He don’t see tickets and prices for adults in Saturday .
What he could see ?

 He could see tickets and prices of films for children .
What did he do then ?

He asked to the seller did have they tickets for adults ?
What did the lady answer ?

She say no .
Why did adults go in free ?

Because one adult who  have brave go to that film to see he can go to saw that film free.

Text 32 questions 

What kind of animal is this story about ?

This story is about one small talking dog .
Why was it a big success ?

Because it was it come to our theatre .
 What it did do there ?

It told jokes ,sang songs and do something funny .
Where did it do these things ?

It do that in the stage .
What happened then ?

There come one dog and took him .
When did it happen ?

It happen when it sang song .
What did the small dog do ?

It was tired to go away .
What did the bigger dog do ?

It disappearing with small dog behind  curtains .
What did the small dog say ?

It say :Sorry everybody .
Who was the bigger dog ?

It was small talking dog’s mother .
Why did she carry the smaller dog  away  ?

Because it want that small dog be doctor ,not actor .

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