My favourite film

My favourite film 

I like many films : Pirates of the Caribbean ,Home alone or Cinderella .But my favourite film is The Martian .That film is about one human  (his name is Mark ) who stay in Mars alone ,600 or 605 sol  .In the begging of this film Mark and his equipage has expedition on the Mars .But in the Mars come on big disaster ,and Mark have  wound .His equipage  fly to earth whiteout him ,because they think that he die .Mark in Mars  cultivate potato ,to have something to eat .When Nasa found Mark ,Nasa want to send some food for Mark ,but spaceship fire .So Nasa say to Mark’s equipage that Mark is alive and they must  to bring him to the Earth .So Mark’s equipage save  Mark and they come to the Earth. This film is very interesting ,fantastic . I proffer that everybody watch this film

See film here (anglish)

See film here (russian)

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