My full name is Astghik Avagyan .I am 11 years old ,I was born in 2006, on Jenuary 4th at 11 o’clock ,in Yerevan Erbuni hospital .I have a little brother his name is Narek .My mother’s full name is Anita Petrosyan .My father’s full name is Artem Avagyan .I  study at ,,Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex,, in 7.3 class . I live in Armenia,Yerevan, Araratyan 62 street ..My family is from Artsakh ,but my father’s mother is from Mush and Lori .I have a little family-my mother ,grandma ,me and my little brother Narek ,my father is in Russia  Saint-Petersburg city.My hobbies are do DIY-do it myrself ,listening to music or watching films or cartoons.My best friends are Nane ,Mane ,Dayana and  Larisa.They are so kind and careful .Nane are 12 years old ,Mane are 11 yeras old ,Dayana are 12 years old and Larisa is 14 years old .Mane and Nane live in Armenia ,Yerevan ,but Larisa and Dayana live in Artsakh,Stepanakert .Nane and Mane’s hobbies are listening to music ,Dayana’s hobbies are watching films on TV. ,Larissa’s hobby is dancing .
That is my CV 🙂

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