2. Watch the video again at home and do exercise 4 (What’s in your cupboard? What’s in your fridge?)


There is an apple ,some cheesse , milk , rice , bread , grapes , oringe juice , tomatoes and  sweets in their .

What’s in your cupboard? What’s in your fridge?

There is some cheese ,  vegetables :cucumber ,tomato,onion ,potato ,bell peppers  and other ,  apples , grapes , peache, carrot,   egg , sweets ,  meat , butter ,some water , some ketchup and mayonnaise .There is  is some  spaghetti,some pasta ,some rice ,some coffee ,some sugar ,some salt in my cupboard .

Tell us about your fave (favourite) foods.

My favorite foods is pizza . 

Pizza-pizza is Italian food .At first pizzas ingredients were pizzas dough ,tomatoes and basil .Now pizzas ingredients are pizz dough, cheese ,peperoni ,tomatoes ,ketchup, mayonnaise,mushrooms ,olives and other ingredients .

Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What’s your favourite type of fast food?

I like fast food ,I eat fast food every month .I don’t like too eat fast food often .I like pizzas and  burgers .

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