3. Imagine you are in a restaurant ordering food and drinks. One of you is the waiter. act out a dialogue.

Customer:Waiter ,please come here!

Waiter: Hello ,welcome to our restaurant.

Costumer:Hello,an you bring me the menu ,please?


Waiter: Here is the menu. 


Waiter:What do you want to eat or to drink ?

Costumer:I maybe will eat pizza…Oh,no I’ll eat a chicken burger medium size and with Sprite.


Waiter:What do you want for dessert ?

Costumer:Bring me a

chocolate ice cream please. Oh,by the way this burger was so yummy!

Waiter:We have very delicious cheesecake.

Waiter:Do you want ?

Costumer:No,i don’t like cheesecakes.

Waiter:Ok ,here is your chocolate ice-cream.

Costumer:Thank you!!

Costumer:How much shall I pay for my lunch?


Costumer: Please wait a minute until I find my money…Oh here it is! But I can give only 50$ dollars…

Waiter: Ok ,I will bring your the change.


Waiter:Here is your change.


Costumer:Ok I must go now.Goodbye

Waiter:Come to our restaurant again.

Costumer: With pleasure.


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