Retelling of the text “Australia almost the champions.”

Do exercises c, e and f on page 21.


Last night my father was talking about languages .He says he speaks  French well ,but he doesn’t .I’ve herd him speaking French:he tries to speak very quickly ,and his pronunciation is terribly .But I didn’t say that .

I want to speak Italian fluently .Uesterday I talked to the Italian teacher about my test.She said I got 4 out 20 -I did the test really bad .I was suprised.I thought the test was easy  and I answered all the questions really quickly .

The teacher said I’ll  never be good at Italian ,but I smiled happily her ,because she’s wrong. I’m going to learn Italian and go to live in Rome.


Andy writes clearer than me .

Pablo speaks English more fluently  than me .

Sorry I don’t understand -can you speak slower.

I goy 90% in the test ,but Jeff did even better than me .

Rebbeca run quicker than Alice.

Sandra always works harder ,than everyone else.

The party starts at 9.00 ,but you can come earlier ,if you want to.








Write a short story about one of your friends or relatives, compare how they do things and how they look like, use the following verbs and adjectives play, speak, dance, sing, work, run, learn, act, good, hard, bad, clear, fluent, quick, slow ….

My friend Larisa and me were going to the forest . In the begging we walk ,but then we start run .Lara run faster than me .Our friends also joined us .We start to play games . We wanted to know who dance ,and sing better .Lara dance better than me, but I sing better than she .Then we do our lessons in the forest .I do my lessons quicker than Lara .Then we go to sleep .The next day we came back home .