I liked that story ,it was very interesting .It was about Mr. Scrooge ,who didn’t like Christmas .Once at Christmas eve the ghost of Christmas came to Mr. Scrooge. He took him to his childhood .He was reading a book alone ,because his parents left him .Then the ghost of the Christmas present came to Mr. Scrooge .He took him to a poor family .Every member of that family was very happy .Mr. Scrooge was shocked and said “How can they be happy? They are poor.” Then the ghost of the Christmas present answered “It’s Christmas “.Then the ghost of Christmas future came  to Mr. Scrooge. He took him to his own funeral .Nobody came to his funeral. So then Mr. Scrooge said ” Give me a chance to change my future “. And the ghost disappeared .Christmas morning finally arrived .So Mr. Scrooge helped people ,and took care of them .He invited every one for a Christmas party at his house ,with presents for all of them. Each of them was shocked .And then Mr. Scrooge became the most loved man in town . 

The moral of the story, A Christmas Carol is you can’t buy happiness with money, and without family or friends we are alone in this big world.

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