Hometask 11/02/18



Read the text on page 34, write your comment about the topic and whether you would like to have such project in your city. Why / Why not?

That’s very good idea to have free wireless Wi-fi in Vancouver ,but it can’t stay free very long time .If that project become true ,that will be perfect .But where is meaning ,we have 3G and 4G or 4G LTE .So I don’t found meaning of that project . If something project like that be in my country ,100% we must pay for that ,it can’t be free .If something like that be in Yerevan all people will be like robots .


Do exercises b and b on page 35.


Have you seen  the new James Bond film yet ?.

Yes , and I alrady bought the DVD too.

Has your brother gone to university yet?

Yes, and  I have already moved to his old bedroom.

I love their music , but I have not bought their new CD yet.

Well , don’t buy it . I’ve already listened to it , and its awful!

Poul have you done your homework yet?

I finished maths , and I haven’t started the Geography yet .

Ex. b

She’s just gone to bed , but she hasn’t switched off the light yet.

His has just bought a new bike  , but he hasn’t ridden it yet.

She has just eaten dinner  ,but she hasn’t wash up yet. 

He just made some juice , but hasn’t drank it yet.

He just scored their first goal, but they haven’t won the game yet .