Watch the video and find out!  What adventures has Gran had in her life?


Write down the sentences where present perfect is used.
1. I’d say ‘Have you been to Egypt?’
2. OK, so have you been to Egypt?
3. John has been to Egypt a lot and he bought me this when he went last
4. Have you seen the Eiffel Tower?
5. Have you ever eaten sushi … in Tokyo?
6. Well, I have eaten sushi.
7. But I haven’t actually eaten sushi in Tokyo.
8. So you haven’t been to Tokyo, but you have eaten sushi!

Do the exercises 1, 2 and 3 about the video (the link is given below).

Click to access grammar-videos-grans-adventures-worksheet.pdf

Write ten sentences about you

Where have you been?

What have you seen?

What types of food have you eaten?

I have been to Dubai .
I have been to Abu-dhabi.
I have seen Burj Khalifa .
I have eaten sushi .
I have eaten international Arabian food.
I have been to Artsakh.
I have been to Lori.
I have been to Safari desert .
I have been to Louvre Abu-dhabi .
I have been to Emirates palace in Abu-dhabi .