Hometask 13/05/18

1.How old was Claire when Aunt Min saw her first?

a) She was ten.

b) She was five.

c) She was seven.

2. What did she see when she looked across the fields?

a) She saw a monument.

b) She saw nice fountains.

c) She saw an old castle.

3. What did Aunt Min and the women do with the flowers?

a) They took them home.

b) They gave them to Claire.

c) They put them round the church.

4. Who told Claire about the castle and Walter Burge?

a) a boy; b) Aunt Min; c) Some women

5. Why did Claire go to the shop?

a) To buy some books.

b) To buy a Christmas present for Aunt Min.

c) To buy writing-paper for her Mother.

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