What are friends for?

Friend is a person who is always with you ,who makes you smile and to be happy every day .Friend is not a familiar or known person ,friend is big part of your life .For example I see and communicate with my friends,more than with my cousin.My friends are part of my life ,and without them I can’t live .I know that all of my friends can help me in every problem ,they can be with me and soport me. I’m very serious about choosing friends ,and that’s a reason why I have few friends,but I know that they are real friends .Some of my friends know all about me ,they are like my diary ,if my mom gives me a question about me ,they can answer right too.If ther’s nothing to do ,I always write to my friends ,and I know that they can make better my mood.A true friend is someone who has your back when things going very wrong in your life ,friend is person who always happy to your every win,who helps you every time ,who gets you from target friend is person who is always with you…

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