Pan-Armenian games 2019/Me as a spectator

I think that you know, that in this year Pan-Armenian games were held in Artsakh.By that time I was there so I didn’t want to skip that event.So, besides that my foot was damaged ,me,my brother and grandma went there.It was like 5-7 minutes for walk but by that time it was really difficult for me.So when we went in there was no place to sit.At the same time I was happy and sad too,but that fact couldn’t make me sad.So we were standing there for an hour.It was incredible show,I was shoked by that ceremony.The program of ceremony:dance,music and history of program were incredible.The program started by showing the old Armenia ,his kingdom, history of Grigor Lusavorich, and other many interesting things.When the show ends, there started new musical show .So by that time I had no words to say how much I have loved it,i just can say that is was unreapeatable.

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