Writing letter about my bestfriend

Hi Alexa!It’s me Astghik.
Yes I got your message ,and of course I will tell you about my bestie.
She is 14 years old girl ,and one of the kindest and prettiest human I have ever met.I think that she is supergirl ,because she can do everything,and if she can’t do something she will never surrender.Can you imagine a girl who knows five languages,can dance,sing ,she is very good at politics-and psychology,also she teaches English.She is very diligent ,too much. She is very positive and sociable person ,she’s extrovert.I know that she likes watching films,watching tik-tok.And I don’t want to forget to tell you about her angel voice ,and her beautiful dancing ability.Her voice, how human can sing so beautifully,it’s incredible, she is a very good dancer too,she has been shot in many musical clips.Oh ,I don’t want to forget to say that she’s a very good figure skater ,she represented Armenia in France,and she took the third place. So at first sight ,you can say that she is a normal girl with brown eyes and hair,but no ,she has super abilities,sometimes I think that she isn’t from our planet .
But like every human our alien has negative things,sometimes she can be moody,or can be too emotional.But she is she and I love her as she is.
Hope you like her Alexa,bye bye…
P.s. Ilona and Nane thank you so much,I’m glad that I have friends like you girls,thanks for being with me …

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