Can money buy happiness?

I’m sure that you have already listened this question,and his answer is very disputable.
You know for someone happiness is something that you can buy,like car or ticket to Italy. But for someone happiness is healthiness or family,and you can’t buy it.There are so many examples for this question,but I think that the most understandable and clear example is love and house.

•Let’s imagine someone who has no home,and he lives outside.Happiness for that human of course will be comfortable and heated home.And that home you can’t buy with emotions,or with kindness, you just need money. But when you are rich ,and you can buy house at this moment ,it can’t be happiness for you.

•And let’s imagine someone who is rich ,and happiness for him is love.I think if human is rich ,other people will love him because of his money. It would be hard for that human to find real love,because there are a lot of people who love money,and it is tempting them.But if you are normal human,without super abilities ,there are a lot of chances that you can find true love,because that human will love you as you is ,without money or with him.

So yes,money can buy happiness ,if it’s something material,but if it’s emotional money is unnecessary here.