My trip to Gymri

In September 7 ,at 8am me and my friends with our political club travelled to Gyumri. It was unforgettable trip by train. This trip was one of the best trips I ever had. We met each other in train-station and started to buy tickets for trip. So it was 8am,and train came ,but we still waited for our friend. Fortunately he came,and train left train station.And then our adventures began…

Train was very old and dusty, but it didn’t spoil our mood.So we started to play,to watch films,and also trip can’t be without any problem. Unfortunately I started to feel bad because of allergy. So I started to sneeze,and in the end of trip I have sneezed 30 times.

When we get to Gyumri ,we were so happy,because we were bored because of train.We went to the most close supermarket and started to buy products.But I went to pharmacy and bought some medicine for allergy.

Of course we had big bags with us ,and we needed to put them somewhere.So we went to our teachers friend house.We went there for 2 hours ,but we were so happy that we had possibility to sit. So we left our bags there,and also ate something there.That family was so hospitable,and so kind. One of our friends dared to eat waffle with sausage.It was so funny to watch his reaction.

Then we went to Gyumri’s centre and started to visit museums.It was very interesting but also we were so tiered. Some time later feeling of hunger came to us,and we visited one of the Gumri’s popular restaurants ,,Yaghli,,.

Then we met our friend Karine,and her family ,so they started to show us Gyumri’s interesting places.It was very interesting,and soon we get to Gyumri’s park. So we started to ride the Ferris wheel,also we ride the roller coaster,but soon it started to rain.

Two of us went to find taxi,and then we started to dance,play at rain.But also it was very cold ,and then we started to sing and dance to get warm up. Then cars came for us,and we rode to Karine’s grandmother’s house.It was very beautiful big house,also family was very hospitable.

So then we started to change our clothes,because they were wet.Then we started to play with Karine’s dog Simon. It was so cute dog.Then we had a dinner,and started to play games and watch films.

So then boys pranked us.They called their friend and told them to call and prank us. We were so angry,and decided to water them.So in the end all of us were wet.It was 12pm,and we dared each other ,we needed to wake up at 3am ,and wake up each other.So we woke up ,and tried to wake up boys,but they don’t.So we won dare.

At 6am boys woke up us ,and we started to play games.Then one of boys needed to draw with marker on one of girls who was sleeping.Then I was tired,and I decided to sleep,but boys decided that they need to draw at me with lipstick.I didn’t even felt something.So when I woke up I was whole in lipstick,and it were very hard to remove it.

Then we started to gather,and soon we left the house…

It was one of the best trips I ever had …It was unforgettable…Thanks everyone for everything…