Hawaiian culture

Hawaii…It’s a very beautiful island, which is very popular for trips and adventures.But what about their culture?Today I’m gonna show you 4 interesting Hawaiian culture .

•At a traditional Hawaiian wedding, the bride wears a long, white dress that is sort of — now, don’t be thrown by this word — muumuu-ish. What that means is that the dress is flowing. It moves in the Pacific breeze, and has its own unique elegance. The haku lei, that ring of fragrant Hawaiian flowers, is worn around her head.
• At New Year they are eating Sashimi for good luck .Japanese for sliced raw fish, most typically tuna or ahi, sashimi is easily the most popular “Good Luck” food that locals must have to help celebrate the New Year.
•Wearing shoes in a home in Hawaii is rarely acceptable. Shoes and slippers are always left on the doorstep to avoid tracking any filth into the house
• Traditional Hawaiian gifts are:coffee, macadamia nuts, hula skirts and Polynesian tee-shirts ,they all represent Hawaiian culture, there are other gifts that showcase Hawaiian legend and craftsmanship. Traditional Hawaiian gifts represent the beauty of the Islands, the deep Polynesian culture and the history of the Hawaiian people

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