My failure…

It was two years ago…I don’t know you know ,or not,but I was writing a book.It was story about one town,and someone killed the main hero.So after that group of friends started to explore the place where person died.It was fantasy and detective book.I don’t know why ,but I started to imagine that maybe some time later,that book will be popular and maybe it will be one of the best books…But that were only dreams… First chapters were deleted,so I started write it again,and style=”color:rgb(255,255,255);font-family:-apple-system, then decided to send chapters to my mail.So then books content began to grow more and more.But then whole my work deleted.Of course I had plan B)mail .But then I noticed that someone broke my mail.I was sad,I was very-very sad…So I started to write it was more interesting,there were more fantasy,more intrigue.I started to create posters for book.But then my little brother just deleted that app in which I wrote book.He just needed place in tab storage to download a game.I was angry…So then I decided that I will never write book in tab…

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