“Школьные экскурсии. Путешествия как важная часть жизни. Что они дают?”

В детстве я путешествовала много чем сейчас ,ведь скоро экзамены ,много уроков,много тренировок , и не хватает времени на путешествие и экскурсии. Но несмотря на всё это я стараюсь нходить время для экскурсий и для путешествий. Они являются большой частью нашей школы, ведь с помощью экскурсий и путешествий каждый из нас познает свою страну, его тайные и интересные уголки,его интересные места. С помощью путешествий мы ещё и приобретаем новых друзей,знакомых и даже учителей.

My Christmas story

When I was a seven or eight years old, Santa brought me toys and some stationery and book about space.Of course I was happy ,it’s the most magical and wonderful present I could imagine by that time.Every time Santa brings me presents I was getting shocked,how he make this presents.So then mom told me that he has a big house with his little elves ,and they help him to make presents.After one week I saw same presents at the store,so then I thought “If Santa has big house and elves help him make presents,so what are this gifts doing here”.Then I thought and decided that Santa is living in stores,and elves are consultants at the stores.

So that was my christmas story…

Internet in my life/Blog as an educational area

Internet takes big part in my life. Everyday I spend like 10 hours on internet.I know that it is too long,but my education takes part in that too.My education is media-education so I can’t even do assignments without internet. I am texting,watching films,doing homework,playing ,and all of this I can’t do without internet.Internet is opening doors to education,and to useless time spending.Internet is new communication world,is place by which you can search and find your answer without 2 hours of reading books.But also internet is place where you can spend your whole time by doing nothing important.We need to study how to use internet by the right way…