Some people would think that young people should follow in their parents footsteps when choosing a profession

When we apply for university we are making a choice for our future,we are choosing our profession and we will continue our life with that profession .It is very important moment of your life and you need to approach very seriously on that. You need to analyze you and understand which profession is yours you need to understand what you want from your future profession,and will you enjoy it?

But sometimes parents make choice for their children profession.They choose their profession ,and usually choose profession which is similar to their own profession. Or they choose profession which they wanted to be when they were kids.

It is wrong,too wrong.Why are you choosing a profession for your child. They need to make chose by themselves. They know themselves better than anyone else,and know better than you.

So stop choosing their professions,and stop it right now.If you will choose their profession maybe it will be the worst decision of their life.So stop doing it.Let them chose their own future…