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By Feliks Ghazaryan, translated from Armenian, original here

Italy in your hands
I am convinced that many of you now would like to walk around fashionable streets of Milan, to feel the spirit of gladiators and emperors in Rome, sail in the water transport of Venice, experience the presence of God in the Vatican. But now, not even the locals can do it.
When they show what Italy is like at this moment, I just close my eyes and remember the memories that I had there. I am on the list of people who have seen Italy before the epidemic, in all charm and mood.
I will try to take you through the streets of one of the epicentres of European culture, Italy.
Studying the history of the country you can’t say that its path was easy. Italy was the first powerful state in Europe, and everyone knew the Roman Empire. History left its mark on the architecture of the country: old-style cities, narrow streets and gigantic castles. By the way, the power of the city and the empire in Italy was measured by the height of the city tower, and that’s the reason why you can see a tower in all cities, even small ones. Each Italian city has a history, a museum with crazy architectural solutions.

I am admired by Florence. In Florence you will not find high-rise buildings with modern design, everything here is as it used to be, and if something new is built, it will definitely be named after a famous Florentine. This city-museum is one of Europe’s most famous and ancient cultural centres, it was founded in 59 by Julius Caesar (BC).

The city gave to the world such greats as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Nicolo Machiavelli, Dante and Galileo. Here, musicians are accompanied everywhere and they emphasize the cultural features of Florence. In Florence, you can buy wine and of course, try ice cream. The river Arno divides the city into two parts, and Ponte Vecchio is located on the river. Have you ever seen the bridge on which houses are built? If no the Ponte Vecchio is well known for this, and also because of the many wars over that bridge.

Apart from the charm of the cities, it was very interesting and nice for me to communicate with locals, and I am admired. There is no evil and roughness in people. In every place where I communicated with locals, I only got a smile in my face and positive charges irrespective of the fact whether you are a tourist or a local.

And now the saddest thing is that people are so close to each other, but they are communicating from away. I hope this situation will not last long and many people will be able to travel to their favorite cities and towns. And I will be in Italy because of my profession traces…

I don’t want to see Italy depressed, it does not suit it.