Communicative tasks/04.07.20

How many times a week do you do sports?
I do sports everyday.

What sport is the most popular with teenagers in your region?
I think that the most popular sports are swimming, football, bicycling and running.

What sports facilities are available in your school?
There are football, basketball,volleyball,shooting,ping-pong,gymnastic and others.

What would you advise a person who wants to keep fit?
If you want to keep yourself feet you need to eat healthy and do sports.

What would you recommend your friends do to improve their English?
I would recommend them to read and watch films in english.

Why do you think many people prefer watching films at home?
Because it is more comfortable to watch films at home.

What film would you recommend your friend see? And why
I would recommend ,,Divergent,, film,because it is one of the most interesting, adventurous films that I have ever seen.

What kind of books do you like to read? Who is your favoirite writer?
I like reading adventurous and scientific books. I don’t have favourite writer, because every writer writes differently and every writer is special by himself.

What book would you recommend to your friend who wants to read something for pleasure? And why?
I will recommend them to read Ray Bradbury’s ,,Frost and fire,, short story. It is very interesting fantastic story, which tells about world where you live only 8 days.And there is one boy named Sim, who wants to save his tribe.

Who usually does the shopping in your family?
Me and my mom.

What can you buy in your nearest shopping center?
Everything what you need like clothes,accessories,toys,products and other stuff.

Why do some people hate shopping?
Because while you are shopping you are getting tiered of walking.

What time would you recommend that busy people should go shopping?
I will recommend them to shop at mornings.

How often do you usually go shopping?
We are shopping online,but also we are going to shopping center every two-three months.

Why are shopping centers so popular nowadays?
Because people like to spend their time by shopping, and also there are a lot of interesting places in shopping centers.

Grammar Points Direct Indirect Speech
1. “He works in a bank” She said that he worked in a bank.
2. I didn’t go to the party” She told me that she had not gone to to the party.
3.“We went out last night” She told me they went out previous night.
4.“I was waiting for the bus when he arrived” She told me that she had been waiting for the bus when he arriged.
5. Who was that beautiful woman?” She asked me who that beautiful woman was.
6. “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me how often did I went to the cinema.
7. “Do you live in London?” She asked me if I live in London?
8 .“Did he arrive on time?” She asked me if he arrived on time?
9. Please help me carry this” She asked me to help her to carry this.
10. Could you please open the window?” She asked me to open the window.