My skills and preferences, failures, achievements

Failure and success… At first you think that they are different words,but then you can understand that they are very similar. You need to fail to have a success, and you need a success to stop failing. All of us have failures and success (I hope that successes are more than failures). We are studying on our failures and stopping doing them. My mom always says that “Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes, fools by their own”,but I still don’t know a human who learns by other people’s mistakes. I think that it’s better to learn by our own mistakes,because when we are failing we are 100% understanding why we got mistaken, but when we are learning by other’s failure we don’t understand the reason of their fail,and still failing.

As every human being I have successes and failures too. I fail more(sad but true) ,but it teaches me what to do in similar situation. But when I am failing,I am trying to do my best to have a big success. In every situation you need to do your best to have best results,and ita okay to fail. As I said there is no success without failure, so try to do your best.

For example I’ll tell you my story of learning how to swim. When I was a child I always wanted to learn to swim. So when I studied at the 4th class,me and my class went to our school’s swimming pool. So I decided to swim in the deeper sectors. And I started to sink. I called my friends but nobody listened me. Then my friend Nane swam to me and saved my life (I am very thankful for that). After that accident I never entered into swimming pool. Then when I was 10 or 11 years old my grandpa built a swimming pool for me to learn swimming. I spend my whole summer to learn to swim,and now I am very good at swimming.

You need to go only and only forward after your failure ,you need to go and reach to success.


1.Who is your hero?
I am my own hero. I believe in myself and there’s no one who can do something better for me than I can. Being your own hero is important. It shows that you trust yourself and believe in yourself. So be your own hero,and also don’t forget to help others.

2.What makes a hero a hero?
Intention of work and kindness makes a hero a hero.Every hero need to work zealously, and need to be kind and respectful to everyone.

3.What do you think of this quote: “We can all be heroes in our virtues, in our homes, in our lives”?
I think that it’s true,because everyone can be hero,if they want to,

4.Who do you think are heroes nowadays?
I think that every human who have good intentions while helping others is a hero nowdays. You can say that celebrities are heroes.I will agree, because they are making happy a lot of people,also they are donating money to homeless,ill people. Heroes are our parents,they are always helping us,and always ready to support us.

5.How does he/she become a hero?

Questions related to the story “The case of the perfect maid”

1.Who is Gladdy? Why did she lose her post?
Gladdy is Edna’s sister. She lost her post because Miss Emily’s brooch got lost,and Lavina (Emily’s sister) thought that Gladdy stole it,and fired her.

2.Where did Gladdy work?
Gladdy worked maid at Miss Skinner’s house.

3.Who was Gladdyi’s hostess?
Gladdi’s hostess was Miss Lavinia Skinner.

4.What was missing one day?
One day Miss Emily’s brooch got lost.

5.Who and how found the brooch?
The brooch was on the dressing table,in the back of the drawer.

6.What kind of a house was Old Hall , describe the tenants
Old Hall was a big Victorian house surrounded by woods and parkland.

7.Describe The Skinner Sisters
Miss Lavinia Skinner was a bony,tail woman,like fifty years old,also she had grufv voice.
Miss Emily Skinner was a thin woman,with yellow hair.

8.Who was a perfect paragon for the Misses Skinners?
For Misses Skinners perfect paragon was Mary Highins,their new maid.

9.Describe Mary Higgins
Mary Higgins was forty years old woman,with black hair and rosy cheeks.

10.When and how did Miss Marple guess that something went wrong in Lavina’s house
At first, it was not easy to find new maid,girls simply will not go to the Old Hall.And it seem to good to be true.

11.How did she get the fingerprints
Miss Marple dropped her bag,which opened. Mary tried yo help her,and then she picked up peppermint rock,then picked up mirror with her sticky hands and left her fingerprint on the mirror.

12.Who disappeared one day
One day Mary Higgins was missing,with her also were missing miss Lavinia’s and Emily’s jewellery.

13.What else was missing together with the brooches
Also there were missing six brooches, eight rings, a pendant,a bracelet.Also Mary Higgins robed Miss Lavinia’s and Emily’s neighbours.

14.What happened in the end?
In the end it turned out that Skinner sisters were the robbers.Miss Emily Skinner pretented to be Mary Higgins.They special fired Glady, because they needed for “new” maid, who will rob their neighbours.

Unknown words

Pleat- ծալվել
Swallow-կուլ տալ

I liked that story very-very much. While I was reading this story I realised that I like the way Agatha Christie writes. When I was reading this story I was thinking why Skinner sisters fired Gladdy, what was the reason? While reading I didn’t even though that miss Emily pretended to be Mary Higgins. This story reminded me A.K. Doyle’s ,,Three adventures of Sherlock Holmes,, , because while I was reading this book,I didn’t even though that this or that man could be the culprit. While reader was exited,interested and wanted to know who is the culprit, both of this stories opened their secret at the end.

Project ,,Famous films that moved us,,/,,The Giver,,

The giver is a film based on young adult novel by Lois Lowry. It was premiered on august 11,2014 ,and released in USA ,on august 15. Film was directed by Philip Noyce and starring Jeff Bridges,Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Swift, and Emma Tremblay.

Film is about colourless,ideal,unemotional world,where you can’t lie,and there is no pain and war. While everyone see only black and white, only Givers can see colours, and also they keep community’s memories. There are injection machines in every houses, it “helps” people to be unemotional and to not see the colours. Also ,babies are brought into being through genetic engineering.

Main character of this film is Jonas. On his graduation day Jonas is told that he will become next Giver. So he started having trainings with Giver,and he started to give to Jonas his memories. During his trainings with Giver,he learns about love,joy,happiness,pain and death. So Jonas stops taking his daily injections, and begins to experience emotions and seeing colours. Then Jonas tells Fiona (his friend),to stop taking daily injections. The next day he kisses her. Kiss is action which is unknown for community,but Jonas learned that from Giver’s memory. Also touching non-family member is against the rules.

I don’t wan’t to tell the whole movie,so you can watch it here.

Sometimes I think,that maybe future will be like that film ,unemotional,without colours and love, and that thought scares me. I hope that everything will be great, and we will have colourful and happy life.

Communicative tasks/04.07.20

How many times a week do you do sports?
I do sports everyday.

What sport is the most popular with teenagers in your region?
I think that the most popular sports are swimming, football, bicycling and running.

What sports facilities are available in your school?
There are football, basketball,volleyball,shooting,ping-pong,gymnastic and others.

What would you advise a person who wants to keep fit?
If you want to keep yourself feet you need to eat healthy and do sports.

What would you recommend your friends do to improve their English?
I would recommend them to read and watch films in english.

Why do you think many people prefer watching films at home?
Because it is more comfortable to watch films at home.

What film would you recommend your friend see? And why
I would recommend ,,Divergent,, film,because it is one of the most interesting, adventurous films that I have ever seen.

What kind of books do you like to read? Who is your favoirite writer?
I like reading adventurous and scientific books. I don’t have favourite writer, because every writer writes differently and every writer is special by himself.

What book would you recommend to your friend who wants to read something for pleasure? And why?
I will recommend them to read Ray Bradbury’s ,,Frost and fire,, short story. It is very interesting fantastic story, which tells about world where you live only 8 days.And there is one boy named Sim, who wants to save his tribe.

Who usually does the shopping in your family?
Me and my mom.

What can you buy in your nearest shopping center?
Everything what you need like clothes,accessories,toys,products and other stuff.

Why do some people hate shopping?
Because while you are shopping you are getting tiered of walking.

What time would you recommend that busy people should go shopping?
I will recommend them to shop at mornings.

How often do you usually go shopping?
We are shopping online,but also we are going to shopping center every two-three months.

Why are shopping centers so popular nowadays?
Because people like to spend their time by shopping, and also there are a lot of interesting places in shopping centers.

Grammar Points Direct Indirect Speech
1. “He works in a bank” She said that he worked in a bank.
2. I didn’t go to the party” She told me that she had not gone to to the party.
3.“We went out last night” She told me they went out previous night.
4.“I was waiting for the bus when he arrived” She told me that she had been waiting for the bus when he arriged.
5. Who was that beautiful woman?” She asked me who that beautiful woman was.
6. “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me how often did I went to the cinema.
7. “Do you live in London?” She asked me if I live in London?
8 .“Did he arrive on time?” She asked me if he arrived on time?
9. Please help me carry this” She asked me to help her to carry this.
10. Could you please open the window?” She asked me to open the window.

Italy in your hands/Project ,,Virtual journeys,,/Translation

By Feliks Ghazaryan, translated from Armenian, original here

Italy in your hands
I am convinced that many of you now would like to walk around fashionable streets of Milan, to feel the spirit of gladiators and emperors in Rome, sail in the water transport of Venice, experience the presence of God in the Vatican. But now, not even the locals can do it.
When they show what Italy is like at this moment, I just close my eyes and remember the memories that I had there. I am on the list of people who have seen Italy before the epidemic, in all charm and mood.
I will try to take you through the streets of one of the epicentres of European culture, Italy.
Studying the history of the country you can’t say that its path was easy. Italy was the first powerful state in Europe, and everyone knew the Roman Empire. History left its mark on the architecture of the country: old-style cities, narrow streets and gigantic castles. By the way, the power of the city and the empire in Italy was measured by the height of the city tower, and that’s the reason why you can see a tower in all cities, even small ones. Each Italian city has a history, a museum with crazy architectural solutions.

I am admired by Florence. In Florence you will not find high-rise buildings with modern design, everything here is as it used to be, and if something new is built, it will definitely be named after a famous Florentine. This city-museum is one of Europe’s most famous and ancient cultural centres, it was founded in 59 by Julius Caesar (BC).

The city gave to the world such greats as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Nicolo Machiavelli, Dante and Galileo. Here, musicians are accompanied everywhere and they emphasize the cultural features of Florence. In Florence, you can buy wine and of course, try ice cream. The river Arno divides the city into two parts, and Ponte Vecchio is located on the river. Have you ever seen the bridge on which houses are built? If no the Ponte Vecchio is well known for this, and also because of the many wars over that bridge.

Apart from the charm of the cities, it was very interesting and nice for me to communicate with locals, and I am admired. There is no evil and roughness in people. In every place where I communicated with locals, I only got a smile in my face and positive charges irrespective of the fact whether you are a tourist or a local.

And now the saddest thing is that people are so close to each other, but they are communicating from away. I hope this situation will not last long and many people will be able to travel to their favorite cities and towns. And I will be in Italy because of my profession traces…

I don’t want to see Italy depressed, it does not suit it.

Distance learning

Complete the report by putting the verbs in the correct form, using ing or to.

Swimmer abandons Channel swim
James Forsyth has decided (1) to abandon (abandon) his second attempt at (2) swimming (swim) the English Channel after (3) breaking (break) his ankle in a
cycling accident. His decision (4)to postpone (postpone) this attempt came after a two
week holiday (5) mountainbiking (mountainbike) in Majorca with his wife. His first attempt was also unsuccessful and he is unlikely (6) to be (be) back training for quite a few months. He said in a recent interview that he had not yet decided whether
(7) to try (try) one more time, but denies (8) losing (lose) total interest in
the project. ‘I aim (9) raising (raise) money for a local charity’ he explained. He
continued by (10) saying (say) that if he could manage (11) to find (find) the
time, he would do a lot more charity work.

Reading Graffiti Make up 5 questions related to the text
You can travel almost anywhere in the world, and you will probably see graffiti. Although graffiti is more common in big cities, today you may find it in almost any region or district, big or small. It’s everywhere: on trains, walls, bridges and buildings. Love it or hate it but graffiti is part of the everyday urban world. Some people consider it art while others think it’s vandalism. However, few of them really know how old graffiti is.

The word graffiti itself probably comes from the old Greek verb which means “to write”. Writings on walls already existed in ancient Rome. The Romans cut graffiti on walls and monuments. What was it like, you may ask? Ancient graffiti was absolutely different from today’s. It showed phrases of love, political ideas, simple thoughts, magic spells, alphabets, and famous quotations from literature.

Modern graffiti dates back to the US of the 1960s. At that time for young people it was a form of self-expression and a political protest. Teenage groups in New York, for example, painted graffiti to mark their territory. Later, there started competitions between different groups. That meant that the quality of graffiti became more important than just the amount of it.

Today graffiti has travelled all over the world. However, it is still an illegal art. It has been always painted on private or public property, like cars, trains, fences and house walls. As a result most people see it as vandalism. Besides, it’s rather hard to clean graffiti paints, and cities spend millions every year on it. So, in most countries graffiti is forbidden.

On the other hand, modern graffiti is, by its nature, a form of painting. After all, the artists uses the same methods and materials. However, instead of paints a graffiti artist prefers sprays, markers, and crayons. Some of their works are really impressive and fascinating, they are powerful and have a deep meaning. Graffiti often makes grey walls look cheerful.

The purpose of some graffiti is to spread and declare social ideas. That’s why a lot of graffiti paintings have political topics. Some cities have special places where the walls of different buildings can be used to create pieces of graffiti art.

Probably, the most famous graffiti artist is Banksy, who comes from Bristol, England. He strongly believes that writing graffiti on buildings is an effective way to communicate with people. His works are very often aggressive, provocative and even rude. In his graffiti he expresses personal political and social views, which are against war and capitalism.

Banksy is known not only for his graffiti works. He also likes playing “jokes”. He sometimes unofficially hangs his works in the main art galleries. He doesn’t want to be paid for them because he’s sure art should be free. He says he wants to see how long it will take people to notice it. Once Banksy went into the Tate Gallery dressed as an old man, and glued a picture to the museum wall in protest of the Iraq War.

What does word graffiti mean?
Is graffiti legal?
Who is the mots popular graffiti artist?
What you need to create graffiti?
What Banksy did at Tate Gallery,and for what?

Examination topics / choose three topics and comment on them

  • SOS – Save Our Space. We need your help to clean up our city. What have you ever done or are going to do to keep it clean?
  • Your school trips. Tell about your last trip or about the trip which you liked most of all.
  • If you could change one important thing in your country, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answers.
  • My favourite corner in the school. Where do you like to spend your time? Why?
  • Our school web-site. Do you find it useful? If yes, why. If no, why. Suggest some ways to make it better.
  • The Internet in my life. The advantages and disadvantages of Media education.
  • Blog as an educational tool (area). How long have you had your blog? How often do you update your blog? The advantages and disadvantages of using blog as an educational tool?
  • Educational camps in our school. Which camp do you prefer-summer or winter? Why? Tell about your favourite activity during the camps.
  • Folk music and dance classes in our school. The song and dance which I like most of all.
  • Sport centres in our school. Which sport have you chosen? Why?

If you could change one important thing in your country, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answers.

I think that it will be something ecological. Like recycling trash. I think that in every building,house,and in street should be trash container with sections,and every section will be seperated by type of trash. We can recycle plastic and make other plastic things ,or recycle paper and make new paper. Recycling will help us and our planet.

Your school trips. Tell about your last trip or about the trip which you liked most of all.

My last trip was trip to Gyumri with madam Sofia.It was very interesting and memorable journey with my class.It was the first time that I saw snow in 2019’s winter.We played snowballs a lot. Also we visited a lot of interesting places like: Ani photo studio, Dzitoghtsyan House-Museum and other places.It was very interesting trip…

Sport centres in our school. Which sport have you chosen? Why?

Our school has a lot of sport centres and it is very good for students.We can choose what sport we want to do.
Mine is shooting. I don’t know why but I always liked shooting games, and maybe that was the reason why I loved shooting. Sometimes shooting can be relaxing. After difficult school day you go and shoot… There’s nothing better…