Some people would think that young people should follow in their parents footsteps when choosing a profession

When we apply for university we are making a choice for our future,we are choosing our profession and we will continue our life with that profession .It is very important moment of your life and you need to approach very seriously on that. You need to analyze you and understand which profession is yours you need to understand what you want from your future profession,and will you enjoy it?

But sometimes parents make choice for their children profession.They choose their profession ,and usually choose profession which is similar to their own profession. Or they choose profession which they wanted to be when they were kids.

It is wrong,too wrong.Why are you choosing a profession for your child. They need to make chose by themselves. They know themselves better than anyone else,and know better than you.

So stop choosing their professions,and stop it right now.If you will choose their profession maybe it will be the worst decision of their life.So stop doing it.Let them chose their own future…

Giant seashell house in Mexico

This giant seashell house is located in Mexico City, and was built and designed by Arquitectura Organica’s own Javier Senosiain. The home was built back in 2006, and features a smooth front facade met with a giant wall of colored mosaics, lighting up the living space in a stunning rainbow effect

Whether you think it looks like a giant snail or seashell,the home is definitely quite strange, but it was actually designed to blend in with the natural surroundings in what Senosiain likes to call “Bio-Architecture.”

Hometask 15/01/20

1. Which colour was long considered as an unlucky one?-B

2. What is the national food in Ireland?-D

3. What is a false stereotype about the Irish?-A

4. What kind of short humorous poems made one Irish town known all over the world?-F

5. What world famous journey is connected with one Irish writer?

6. Which Irish talisman is considered to be a lucky one?-E

7. What are the impressive facts about old holiday traditions?-C

A. When you think of the Irish, you often picture a red-haired person dressed all in green. However, it’s just a popular myth which has grown into a tradition, particularly in the United States. It’s customary in Ireland to wear green clothes only on St. Patrick’s Day. Lots of people are tricked by this cliche. However, originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was not green, but blue.

B. In Ireland, the colour green was long considered to bring bad fortune. The reason is that in Irish folklore green is the favourite color of the Good People (the proper name for fairies). Myths run that they are likely to steal people, especially children, who wear too much of the colour. In the past, a girl would never wear anything green on her wedding day.

C. Christmas is a very important celebration in Ireland. After dinner on Christmas Eve, it is common for families to leave milk and bread on the table as a sign of friendliness and kindness. Another custom is to leave the door unlocked. A lit candle is left in a window during the night. It represents help for any traveller who is passing by.

D. Potatoes form the basis for many traditional Irish dishes. They are eaten boiled,mashed, fried, baked, you name it. Potatoes are mixed with cabbage or green onions to make traditional Irish dishes. They are also made into potato cakes and used in soups or stews. It’s common to find potatoes cooked in two different ways on the same dinner plate.

E. The shamrock is still a popular sign of good fortune in Ireland. It is believed that anyone who possesses one will be blessed with fortune in everything, even in gambling, and will be saved from the evil of witches. There are certain conditions to be met so that its power remains effective: the owner of the shamrock must keep it away from the public eye and never give it to anyone else.

F. Ireland is known as the native land of limericks — short humorous poems that have five lines. They make people laugh and are easy to remember! Lots of poets and writers were fond of limericks. The word “limerick” probably comes from the Irish town of Limerick. The short poem has made the town known all over the world.

Hometask 09/01/20

1.What kind of communication problems can one face in real life?-D

2. What are different opinions about social networks?-A

3. Why do some people call social networking sites “time eaters”?-C

4. What are the hidden dangers?

5. What kind of new communication opportunities are provided by social networks?-B

6. What are the new prospects in education?-F

7. What is a fact about worrying time statistics?-E

A. The popularity of social networking sites such as Vkon-takte, Facebook, MySpace, and Classmates has risen more than four times from 2005 to 2009. Many users say these sites are good for our society, but others are sure that there are more dangers in them than benefits. Your attitude to such websites depends on your age, job, interests and way of life.

B. Social networks promote communication with friends and family, they give people necessary and useful computer skills and teach them to express their ideas in a clear way. Another thing is that the sites let people create new relationships and reconnect with old friends. In every way, more communication, even online, makes connections stronger.

C. Social networking sites make people spend more time online and less time communicating face-to-face. The sites have many time-wasting activities. You stay online longer than you planned and do nothing serious or important. Experts say that teenagers spend about nine hours every week on social networking sites.

D. Psychologists say that social networking sites can have serious disadvantages. It is hard for children to have real conversations and make friends. They become selfish personalities and lose interest in real life. Parents spend less time with their children and all members of the family spend less time with each other because they are using the Internet instead of communicating in person.

E. Internet users spend most of their time on social networks and blogs. Users in the USA spend about five and a half hours every month on their favourite site. And the number is growing. Russians spend 6.6 hours monthly on social networking sites. It is more than people in any other country. For example, in Europe it is 3.7 hours a month.

F. New research shows that social networking sites can be used in schools. Teachers should find ways to use them in class. It would help students to learn how to get information from Internet resources and share it with classmates. Students would also be able to express themselves creatively and present themselves better.

My Christmas story

When I was a seven or eight years old, Santa brought me toys and some stationery and book about space.Of course I was happy ,it’s the most magical and wonderful present I could imagine by that time.Every time Santa brings me presents I was getting shocked,how he make this presents.So then mom told me that he has a big house with his little elves ,and they help him to make presents.After one week I saw same presents at the store,so then I thought “If Santa has big house and elves help him make presents,so what are this gifts doing here”.Then I thought and decided that Santa is living in stores,and elves are consultants at the stores.

So that was my christmas story…

Internet in my life/Blog as an educational area

Internet takes big part in my life. Everyday I spend like 10 hours on internet.I know that it is too long,but my education takes part in that too.My education is media-education so I can’t even do assignments without internet. I am texting,watching films,doing homework,playing ,and all of this I can’t do without internet.Internet is opening doors to education,and to useless time spending.Internet is new communication world,is place by which you can search and find your answer without 2 hours of reading books.But also internet is place where you can spend your whole time by doing nothing important.We need to study how to use internet by the right way…