Classroom activities

1.Classroom activities

1. What is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world?-B

2. Where can one find the safest bathing beach in the world?-E

3. What disaster is a fact of Florida life?-F

4. What makes Florida an ideal place for different sports?-

5. What are the impressive facts about the wildlife in Florida?-D

6. Why do thousands of parents and their children go to Florida?-A

7. What is the sunniest state of the USA?-C

A. Florida has always been very popular with tourists from different parts of the world. It presents a lucky combination of pleasant climate and man-made attractions. Thousands of parents and their children go there in search of fun, sun and entertainment. They enjoy theme parks like the Walt Disney World Resort and the Sea World Resort, numerous movie studios, water parks, pools and other facilities.

B. One of the most popular places is the Walt Disney Resort, the biggest amusement park in the world. It includes different attractions for younger tourists. Children can enjoy magic exhibits or explore science at special centers situated within the area of the resort. They can also watch wild animals at the Animal Kingdom or enjoy one of the world movies at Disney Studios.

C. However, there is more to see in Florida than just Mickey Mouse. Florida is probably the sunniest state of the USA. Its nickname is the ‘Sunshine State’. Though Florida is one of the flattest states in America, its landscape is really amazing. Lakes with fresh water, hills, forests, eight miles of coastline and countless small islands create a fantastic atmosphere in the resort.

D. Florida provides an opportunity for adventure on both land and water. There are many types of unique wildlife, including dolphins and whales, deer and black bears. Tourists can enjoy African wildlife in a huge park in Tampa Bay. Giraffes, lions and zebras walk through the park’s grounds. Tourists can watch the animals in the wild and take photos. It goes without saying all kinds of hunting are strictly prohibited.

E. Besides all of this, Florida is also an extremely popular seaside resort. One of its beaches was called the safest bathing beach in the world. The range of facilities for holidaymakers is also impressive — from banana riding to renting boats for fishing and dolphin watching. Numerous cafes offer tourists excellent service, tasty seafood and a vast variety of drinks to cool down on a hot day.

F. Hurricanes are a fact of Florida life. They can affect some vacations that is why it’s wise to avoid Florida in certain months. The Florida Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 30. Historically, September is the most active month of the year. The National Hurricane Centre monitors the territory of Florida in order to warn the people of the danger well beforehand.

My failure…

It was two years ago…I don’t know you know ,or not,but I was writing a book.It was story about one town,and someone killed the main hero.So after that group of friends started to explore the place where person died.It was fantasy and detective book.I don’t know why ,but I started to imagine that maybe some time later,that book will be popular and maybe it will be one of the best books…But that were only dreams… First chapters were deleted,so I started write it again,and style=”color:rgb(255,255,255);font-family:-apple-system, then decided to send chapters to my mail.So then books content began to grow more and more.But then whole my work deleted.Of course I had plan B)mail .But then I noticed that someone broke my mail.I was sad,I was very-very sad…So I started to write it was more interesting,there were more fantasy,more intrigue.I started to create posters for book.But then my little brother just deleted that app in which I wrote book.He just needed place in tab storage to download a game.I was angry…So then I decided that I will never write book in tab…

English test

Open the brackets and write the verb in correct tense form./present simple, past simple, past cont. present.cont, present perfect cont, present perfect/
1. We have to rest. We have been walking for over four hours ( walk).
2. We need a new car. We have had this one for ages. ( have)
3. My sister earns a good salary. She sells computer software. ( sell)
4. Every day I wake up at six, eat breakfast at seven and leave for work at eight(wake).
5. When Carol called me last night I was watching my favorite TV show(watch)
6. We usually spend our holidays in a small cottage near the sea(spend)
7. A few days ago John fell down and cut his knee.(fell)
8.They have played cards all night yesterday(play) were playing
9.Do you like reading? Yes , I have already read ten books this year(already , read)
10. While I was sleeping my mother prepared the meal for us(sleep, prepare) was preparing.
11. When I went out shopping yesterday I noticed a stranger in the garden near the gate.(go, notice)
13. I have been studying English for six years now.(study) has just phoned
14. I stayed indoors because it was raining (rain)
15. What are you doing next weekend ? – It depends. If the weather is fine we will go to the zoo.(you, do)
Word Formation
People travel a lot nowadays. Planes are considered to be the most ____COMFORTABLE____ means of transport but for some people airports can be a nightmare. There are ___UNENDING__ endless___ queues when you check in and you waste lots of time if your flight is delayed. However, there are some airports where you can ____ACTUALLY_____ enjoy yourself. For example, you’ll never be bored at Hong Kong’s international airport. There are thousands of people from_____DIFFERENT____ countries here but the passengers never experience any problems because everything is well organised. There are attendants in red coats, who help you to get from one place to another. It’s very good for people with no sense of ____DIRECTION_____. The attendants are always very polite and _____HELPFULL_____.Can people live without friends? Most of us would say “no”. Friends make our lives enjoyable and ___INTERESTING____. Friendship is something you can’t buy. It is a ____WONDERFUL____ and valuable gift. It is ____POSSIBiliTY____ to live without people who care for you and who are always ready to help. However, to find a true friend is not easy. Friendship requires honesty, trust and ____KINDNESS___. Being a friend means not only having fun together but helping each other in a difficult _____SITUATION_____.A true friend not only praises you but tells you when you are not right too. If you have already found such a person, you’re_____LUCKY_____.

Describing my imaginary friend

Hi! Today I’m gonna describe my friend Milan.

  • Milan is my friend from Italy.
  • He is 15 years old teenager
  • He has big black eyes and short wavy brown hair
  • Also Milan is very tall and slim for his age
  • Milan is very friendly person,and very clever ,but sometimes he is too lazy
  • Milan wants to become a graphic designer in future, but besides that he is very good writer and he’s good at drawing too
  • He is very good at english too
  • Milan is vegan ,and also he takes part in many ecological activities and events
  • Besides that Milan is party lover ,and he dance very well
  • Milan is one of the kindest persons I have ever met,because he is even ready to risk his life to save others

Hawaiian culture

Hawaii…It’s a very beautiful island, which is very popular for trips and adventures.But what about their culture?Today I’m gonna show you 4 interesting Hawaiian culture .

•At a traditional Hawaiian wedding, the bride wears a long, white dress that is sort of — now, don’t be thrown by this word — muumuu-ish. What that means is that the dress is flowing. It moves in the Pacific breeze, and has its own unique elegance. The haku lei, that ring of fragrant Hawaiian flowers, is worn around her head.
• At New Year they are eating Sashimi for good luck .Japanese for sliced raw fish, most typically tuna or ahi, sashimi is easily the most popular “Good Luck” food that locals must have to help celebrate the New Year.
•Wearing shoes in a home in Hawaii is rarely acceptable. Shoes and slippers are always left on the doorstep to avoid tracking any filth into the house
• Traditional Hawaiian gifts are:coffee, macadamia nuts, hula skirts and Polynesian tee-shirts ,they all represent Hawaiian culture, there are other gifts that showcase Hawaiian legend and craftsmanship. Traditional Hawaiian gifts represent the beauty of the Islands, the deep Polynesian culture and the history of the Hawaiian people

My trip to Gymri

In September 7 ,at 8am me and my friends with our political club travelled to Gyumri. It was unforgettable trip by train. This trip was one of the best trips I ever had. We met each other in train-station and started to buy tickets for trip. So it was 8am,and train came ,but we still waited for our friend. Fortunately he came,and train left train station.And then our adventures began…

Train was very old and dusty, but it didn’t spoil our mood.So we started to play,to watch films,and also trip can’t be without any problem. Unfortunately I started to feel bad because of allergy. So I started to sneeze,and in the end of trip I have sneezed 30 times.

When we get to Gyumri ,we were so happy,because we were bored because of train.We went to the most close supermarket and started to buy products.But I went to pharmacy and bought some medicine for allergy.

Of course we had big bags with us ,and we needed to put them somewhere.So we went to our teachers friend house.We went there for 2 hours ,but we were so happy that we had possibility to sit. So we left our bags there,and also ate something there.That family was so hospitable,and so kind. One of our friends dared to eat waffle with sausage.It was so funny to watch his reaction.

Then we went to Gyumri’s centre and started to visit museums.It was very interesting but also we were so tiered. Some time later feeling of hunger came to us,and we visited one of the Gumri’s popular restaurants ,,Yaghli,,.

Then we met our friend Karine,and her family ,so they started to show us Gyumri’s interesting places.It was very interesting,and soon we get to Gyumri’s park. So we started to ride the Ferris wheel,also we ride the roller coaster,but soon it started to rain.

Two of us went to find taxi,and then we started to dance,play at rain.But also it was very cold ,and then we started to sing and dance to get warm up. Then cars came for us,and we rode to Karine’s grandmother’s house.It was very beautiful big house,also family was very hospitable.

So then we started to change our clothes,because they were wet.Then we started to play with Karine’s dog Simon. It was so cute dog.Then we had a dinner,and started to play games and watch films.

So then boys pranked us.They called their friend and told them to call and prank us. We were so angry,and decided to water them.So in the end all of us were wet.It was 12pm,and we dared each other ,we needed to wake up at 3am ,and wake up each other.So we woke up ,and tried to wake up boys,but they don’t.So we won dare.

At 6am boys woke up us ,and we started to play games.Then one of boys needed to draw with marker on one of girls who was sleeping.Then I was tired,and I decided to sleep,but boys decided that they need to draw at me with lipstick.I didn’t even felt something.So when I woke up I was whole in lipstick,and it were very hard to remove it.

Then we started to gather,and soon we left the house…

It was one of the best trips I ever had …It was unforgettable…Thanks everyone for everything…