Pan-Armenian games 2019/Me as a spectator

I think that you know, that in this year Pan-Armenian games were held in Artsakh.By that time I was there so I didn’t want to skip that event.So, besides that my foot was damaged ,me,my brother and grandma went there.It was like 5-7 minutes for walk but by that time it was really difficult for me.So when we went in there was no place to sit.At the same time I was happy and sad too,but that fact couldn’t make me sad.So we were standing there for an hour.It was incredible show,I was shoked by that ceremony.The program of ceremony:dance,music and history of program were incredible.The program started by showing the old Armenia ,his kingdom, history of Grigor Lusavorich, and other many interesting things.When the show ends, there started new musical show .So by that time I had no words to say how much I have loved it,i just can say that is was unreapeatable.

Hometask 23/09/19


No ,I havn’t.

Hmm, I don know, but I think that they were like 20-25 years old.

I only know that John McEnroe is famous TV commentator.


Of course for every sportsman it’s difficult to say goodbye to sport ,but sometimes you need to say it ,maybe you have problems with your health, or you are too old to play.You can’t sit in one place your whole life ,you need to change something, wether it will be regrettable or not.



Hometask 18/09/19

Hometask for 18.09.19
NEF. Vocabulary Bank. Sport. slide 146, page 145 Learn the words , ex 1/a,b, 2/a,b,c
Reading. / Match the headlines with the paragraphs










Sports hall-9






Formula 1,motorcycling-circuit




Beat-beat, beaten


Lose- lost, lost

Draw- drew, drawn


Milan beat Chelsea 3-0.

The Chicago Bulls lost 78-91 to Celtics.

Spain drew with Brazil 2-2.

Milan won the match 3-0.


Players usually warm up before match starts.

Professional sportspeople have to train everyday.

It’s dangerous tonplaay tennis on a wet court.You might get injured.

I’ve stared going to yhe gym, because I want to get fit.

He’s a good player.I think he’s going to score a lot of goals.

Would you like to go swimming this afternoon?

I play basketball twice a week.

My brothers do yoga and tai-chi.

1. Popular route
2. The secret of the old rocks-G
3. City of contrasts-B
4. Escape the heat-E
5. Common roots-A
6. Wildlife holidays-D
7. Holy waters-C
8. Movie magic-F

A. The world’s first university was established in India in 700 BC, where more than 10,500 students from around the world studied more than 60 different subjects. The training was conducted in Sanskrit. Nowadays Sanskrit is considered to be the mother of all the European languages. Its elements can be traced in most of them.
B. The most frequently visited place in India is Delhi, the capital of the country. It seems to be divided into two parts. New Delhi is a modern city with hi-tech architecture, tourist attractions and modern facilities. Old Delhi is several centuries old, with narrow streets, ancient churches and noisy bazaars. Lots of people live in slums without the most essential facilities like toilets and running water.
C. People all over the world know of India’s greatest river, the Ganges. It is the subject of thousands of prayers. The river looks extremely beautiful in the morning light. It is believed that bathing in the Ganges helps to cure all kinds of diseases and can improve your life in general. It has become a common ritual for pilgrims to gather by the river in the mornings.
D. The most famous and often visited Indian historic area is the Golden Triangle. It consists of the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Lying in the south-east, Agra attracts tourists with its iconic image of the Taj Mahal palace, which is one of the eight wonders of the modern world. To the south-west is the colourful ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, known for its Palace of Winds.
E. Indian climate differs from one part of the country to another. The air is cool and fresh in the mountains but in the plains it is usually very hot and dry so even a short trip can be very hard for an inexperienced traveller. That is why tourists are always glad to have a rest at one of the numerous stations in the hills. There they can enjoy a nice cup of real Indian tea, the most refreshing drink in such a climate.
F. India is not all history. It is also famous for its Bollywood industry, which produces love stories and action films. Indian films have always had their own style, rich in music and dancing. Though the industry is still developing, many of Indian film stars have received Oscar prizes and are known throughout the world. The home of Bollywood is Bombay, also known as a busy port and the country’s commercial centre.
G. There is an unusual treasure hidden in the Indian mountains. These are striking ancient temples cut in the rocks. For example, the Buddhist cave temples at Ajanta were built at least 2,000 years ago. Inside the caves on the walls tourists can see pictures of people’s lives and animal images. Some researchers believe that the interpretation of the images can help us to learn a lot about people’s lives in ancient times.

About me

Answer the questions.
Getting to know each other

1. Tell me about yourself. Where were you born? Where do you live at the moment? What have you studied?

Hi! I was born in Armenia,Yerevan.At this moment I live in capital city of Armenia Yerevan.I have studied Italian language.

2. How long have you been studying English?
I have been studying English from the first class.

3. Are you good at cooking/swimming/etc?
I am very good at cooking, at swimming ,at astronomy,at math and at many other things))

4. Who you want to be, what you want to do?
In future I want to be a programmer.

5. What are your future plans?
In future I want to open my own technology corporation.

6. What did you do yesterday?
Yesterday we were celebrating my grandma’s birthday.

7. What are you going to do tomorrow?
I am going to pack my things into my suitcase for traveling to Gyumri.

8.What have you seen before you came here?
I have seen many pupils.

9.Do you remember your last dream or any particular dream?

10. Tell me a story that you remember from childhood.

11.Do you remember any strange or dangerous situation in your life?
12Do you live in a house or an apartment?
I live in apartment.

13Have you ever lived in another country?
I have never lived in other country,but I have been in aboard.

14Have you ever met a famous person?
Yap.In Dubai I have met a russian famous singer Alsu.

15.How do you spend your free time?
I spend my free times by doing my hometasks,listening music and watchin movies.

16.What are your hobbies?
I like to draw and watching something about computers.

17.What is your motto?
My motto is ,,Be yourself and belive in yourself,,.

18.What kind of people do you like?
I like positive persons ,they are very kind,and they will help you in every hard situations,if you will be sad they will help you to bring smile back, and it is very good😀

19.What languages do you speak?
I speak in 5 languages.

20.What’s something you do well?
I cook very well .

21.What is your goal in life?

22.Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ person?
I’m a night person,sometimes at morning I can be sad,but at night my mood goes up and at that time I have a lot of energy.

23.When do you feel best? In the morning, afternoon, or evening?
I feel well at night ,because I sleep at that time.

24.Why do you want to learn English?
English is the most famous and useful language in the world ,and if you want to have a good education in aboard you must know English very well.And also in need English in programming.

25.Would you like to be famous?
Nope.I wouldn’t like to be a famous.

Hometask 26/04/19

Which country is this place in,do you think?

I think that this place is in North America.

How old might the structure be?

I think that this building is 1000 years old.

What might it have been used for?

I think that people used this building like home ,house.

What might it he used for now, do you think?

I think that now it can be used for interesting place for tourists.